Cerakoting NVGs with RosscoCoating

Cerakoting NVGs with RosscoCoating

Building nightvision has always been a pleasure and we've decided to take it a step further by adding a Cerakote service in partnership with RosscoCoating in Burlington, ON.

Many people like custom colours or custom patterns on their gear. We have never been a fan of rattlecanning any piece of gear, let alone expensive nightvision. Some other companies have offered Duracoat or wraps. Duracoat is much easier to apply as it does not need to be heat cured, and camo wraps are cheap and easy for end users to apply themselves. Let's be honest though, wraps are glorified stickers. Nightvision doesn't deserve to look like it came out of a Kinder Egg. Duracoat is a paint job, Cerakote is a finish. 

That being said, the Cerakote process generally requires baking to cure. Air cure Cerakote does exist, but it is not condusive to patterning. The heat required can deform thermoplastics on 3D printed housings such as the Katana (which is why they only offer air cured solid colours), and can damage or dislodge internal electronic components on other housings.

The BNVD-1431 and BNVD-1431 Mk.II are perfect for this, as the pods do not contain any electronic components and are able to withstand the curing process without deforming. That is why we are now able to offer Cerakoted pods with our complete builds at an introductory rate of $250 CAD. Please contact us to discuss the pattern you'd like prior to placing an order.

If you already have a built set of nightvision and you'd like to inquire about coating, please feel free to contact us as well, however the rate will be higher as it will involve a full disassembly of the unit, removal of electronic components, followed by a full re-build and purge.