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The BecauseOperator LPMR (Low Profile Mission Recorder) 4K is the absolute best night vision recording device on the market, period. It records what you see through your tube with a 4K sensor at 30 FPS.

The BCO LPMR 4K is the next evolution of the LPMR Mk.2 which recorded in 1080P. The upgraded sensor and processor produce a clear and vibrant image that is a significant improvement over the legacy LPMR as well as every other system available. The LPMR 4K can't be touched. Please note that older video software may not be able to read 4K HEVC video files.

4K vs 1080P LPMR Comparison (View in Full Screen):

For our custom run LPMR 4K, we also requested custom firmware. These firmware changes are reversable upon request. The changes include:

  • 5 minute loop recording instead of 1 minute loop recording
  • Recording indicator light is disabled after 5 seconds of recording instead of constant blinking
  • Video output flipped 180 degrees, optimized for recording from bottom of device

Legacy BCO LPMR MK.2 1080P Demo Video:


Whether you're kicking in doors and melting some face, or climbing mountains at night just enjoying the view, the Low Profile Mission Recorder for your choice of NVG has you covered. Designed in house to be incredibly minimalistic and intuitive, BCO set out to build the most low profile, highest image quality, and light(est) weight recorder to date. The LPMR-4K is designed to fit diopter/accessory ring's for the PVS-31, PVS-14, PVS-15, and similar eyepiece assemblies.



  • Crystal clear Ultra High Definition 3840x2860 30fps recording

  • Externally powered via USB to your choice of battery pack. (not included)

  • Supports up to 512gb Micro SD, 30mb/s write speed minimum (~13GB/Hour)

  • Seamless 5 minute loop recording.

  • Auto record when powered on.

  • Integrated microphone.

  • 1.5 oz in weight.


The LPMR 4K uses the HEVC (x265) video codec, in order to playback LPMR recordings, we recommend the use of the free VLC media player. Subsequently, the HEVC codec can also be purchased on the Microsoft store for use with the latest version of Microsoft windows media player.

To begin recording with the LPMR 4K, simply insert a compatible Micro SD card, and plug the LPMR into a USB power source.
If your card is not formatted for fat32, the LPMR will update the card to the appropriate format before recording.  Upon completion of recording, you can plug the LPMR directly into your PC to transfer video files, the device will show up similar to a USB drive.

We only regularly stock the PVS-14 model, which will fit any device that uses standard PVS-14 optics, including but not limited to PVS-14, AVS devices, Sentinels, RNVG, MOD3, DTNVG, DTNVS, BNVD-1431, etc. Please contact to order PVS-31 and PVS-15 models.

Camera Module and PCB Manufactured in China
Chassis Designed and Made in Canada
Assembled in Canada