TNVC NVG Pouch, Padded Expandable (NVG-PPE)

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The TNVC NVG Pouch is a simple, yet feature rich solution for a common problem faced by night vision end users. It is a padded PALS/MOLLE compatibly pouch with a generously spaced main pocket that is able to fit a binocular night vision device with room to spare, and has a small pocket underneath for small accessories such as cleaning supplies and spare batteries. It also features a larger expandable accessory pouch on top that is able to fit accessories such as a nightvision mount, clip on thermal imager, etc. and if the mission itinerary requires, it is expandable to fit a second set of nightvision.

Hard cases are great for on the shelf storage, but are useless in the field due to their bulk. The default green pouch that most devices come with are lackluster in every facet, and padded general purpose pouches don't quite cut it either and are often either too small or too big for the intended use. The NVG-PPE is a purpose designed system to meet the needs of night vision end users around the world.

Key Features:

  • Padded night vision pouch with main pocket and expandable accessory pocket
  • PALS/MOLLE compatible with included Tactical Tailor Fight Light Malice Clips
  • Zipper secured compartments with Fastex buckle compression cinch strap
  • Designed by TNVC
  • Produced in the USA by Tactical Tailor