UANVM Tanto - OpFor Mil-Spec

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The Nocturn Industries UANVM Tanto monocular is one of the lightest monocular devices on the market, coming in at 225-230 grams. Our Tantos also come free with our 3D Optmized Diopter Assembly to further reduce weight, and feature your choice of a Photonis ECHO image intensifier or a NNVT image intensifier.

Our Mil-Spec series Tanto uses US Milspec lenses. Lenses are very important when it comes to image quality, and while lower quality lenses are still useable, lower quality lenses will result in lower perceived resolution, and higher perceived image distortion.

For the difference between our Photonis ECHO Standard and Select tubes, click HEREIf you would like to select your own tubes, please contact us before you place your order, or leave an order note for us to contact you.

For the difference between Photonis ECHO and NNVT tubes, click HERE.

Key Features:

  • Photonis ECHO 1600+ FoM White Phosphor Tube with Autogated Power Supply
    NNVT White Phosphor ~1400 FoM Image Intensifier
  • MJF Nylon PA11 Housing
  • U.S. Milspec Lens Assembly
  • Powered by single CR123A battery
  • Minimalist design to reduce weight and profile
  • Cerakote finish, available in Black, Green, and Tan - contact for current selection (our remaining inventory is green cerakote)