3D Optimized Eyepiece Housing Assembly

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The OpFor Night Solutions 3D Optimized Eyepiece Housing Assembly is a unique product designed by us in Canada, and produced in the U.S. via HP Multi Jet Fusion additive manufacturing. It is the absolute lightest PVS-14 eyepiece diopter assembly on the market, weighing in at ~7-7.7 grams (depending on pattern), compared to the ~19.3 grams for a Mil-Spec assembly. That's a weight reduction of over 60%. In a binocular system these alone will reduce system weight by roughly 4-5%.

OpFor 3D Optimized: 


The design is optimized for 3D design, hence the name. It makes use of complex geometries that would be extremely difficult to machine, but are printed very efficiently. In doing so, the design was able to eliminate extra unnecessary components such as the diopter cell retaining ring, diopter wave spring, and eyepiece locking ring. Instead of a locking ring, the eyepiece uses two flat tipped set screws that will not damage the threads but still allows a solid lock.

These should be compatible with most standard PVS-14 eyepieces and most standard housings.

Confirmed to work with:

  • Eyepiece Cells: RPO, Qioptiq, Fujinon, OE
  • Housings: AB RNVG, AB Mod3, AI Sentinel, BNVD-1431 and BNVD-1431 Mk.II, TNVC Artemis, Nocturn Industries Katana, ACT DTNVG, ACT DTNVS, PVS-14, Vyper-14, Hyper-14

Warning: Do not try to disassemble and bend the retention flanges! They may break!

Designed in Canada
Manufactured in USA