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Entry Binocular Systems

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Nightvision Built in Canada

All of our devices are assembled in our positive pressure clean room utilizing HEPA certified filters and blowers meeting ISO 5 clean room filtration and circulation standards to ensure a dust free assembly environment. Our air blowers used for cleaning optical components use compressed, double filtered 99.9% dry Nitrogen.

Calibration and collimation are performed using our Hoffman Engineering ANV-126A and HVS-126 Night Vision Digital Calibration System.

Waterproofing is ensured using our custom built precision nightvision vacuum digital test gauge, followed by a multi phase Nitrogen purge using our digital Nitrogen Purge test set.

We strive to bring the highest quality standards to our customers. Our nightvision devices are built and assembled in our specialized facility in Richmond Hill, Ontario.

BNVD-1431 Mk.II

AB Nightvision RNVG-A

AB Nightvision RNVG

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