AB Nightvision RNVG-A (ARNVG) Build Kit

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The RNVG-A, also known as ARNVG, (Articulating Ruggedized Night Vision Goggle) is an extremely tough, full featured night vision binocular.  The housing is billet machined from aircraft grade aluminum and designed to handle challenging real-world environments.  During drop testing the housings far exceeded military requirements of MIL-STD-810H drop testing, surviving falls onto bare concrete from heights beyond what lenses and image intensifiers can handle.

The design includes push button switches for power and an Infrared Illuminator.  The IR illuminator button is guarded by a fence with distinctive contours to prevent inadvertently activating the IR illuminator.  Indicators in the viewing area alert the user if the IR illuminator is on, or if the unit senses a low battery condition.  The unit is powered by either an onboard 123 battery or auxiliary power from a battery pack using a 4 pin LEMO style connector.

Each optical pod can be rotated up out of the users view as desired, freeing one or both eyes for natural sight as conditions demand.  When the goggle is helmet mounted and in the stowed position, the optical pods can be folded back flat against the helmet to minimize neck strain and better protect the goggle, and the user, from impacting overhead objects. The optical pods automatically turn off when articulated up.  This feature prevents illumination on your helmet when one side is articulated up and ensures that the image intensifiers are ‘off’ in the stowed position with the optical pods folded back against the helmet.  The force required to swing the optical pods is user adjustable using a coin.

The goggle is available in Flat Black and Flat Dark Earth.  The components of the binocular are media blasted to give a non-reflective matte finish, then black anodized for durability.  For the FDE option, Cerakote, a proven firearms finish, is applied over the anodizing to give a tough, attractive finish.

Kit will include all of the parts required to build

  • RNVG Housing
  • Dovetail Riser
  • Infinity stop with set screws (doubles as close focus stop)
  • Eyepiece locking collar
  • Lenses (optional)

Assembly tools, lenses and other components available, Click Here

US Milspec Standard

  • US Milspec standard lens
  • Good balance of resolution, transmission, and flare suppression
  • Low edge distortion

    RPO 3.0 Milspec+

    • Lightest weight lens assembly, includes lightweight diopter assembly
    • Low Profile
    • Excellent light transmission
    • Good dynamic light performance and flare suppression
    • Best center resolution and clarity

    US Milspec vs RPO 3.0 Comparison Available HERE

      Key Features:

      • Powered by single CR123, with LEMO port
      • Durable, fixed bridge binocular system
      • Built in IR Illuminator
      • Worm Drive Interpupillary Adjustment
      • CNC Machined From 7075 Billet Aluminum
      • Waterproof to 66 feet

        Manufactured in USA