AB Nightvision RPNVG Build Kit

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The RPNVG (Ruggedized Panning Night Vision Goggle) made by AB Nightvision is the panning derivative of the most durable binocular system, period. In an effort to achieve increased field of view, some users have begun to seek systems that allowed individual pods to be pointed outward. The RPNVG allows the user to increase the Field of View from 40 degrees to 65 degrees by quickly flipping from standard binocular to "pano" configurations. This is facilitated by fast interpupillary adjustment via a quick release/lock mechanism instead of the traditional worm drive along with a central pivoting detent. 


While some users do seek this panning feature, users should understand that it comes with pros and cons and is not recommended for force on force applications and the standard configuration should be used where target acquisition and targeting are important, as the panning configuration lowers center resolution, affects collimation, and negates the benefits of sterescopic vision. It does however offer increased field of view for static applications such as observation, light hiking/camping, and other low intensity applications.

Kit will include all of the parts required to build

  • RNVG Housing
  • Dovetail Riser
  • Infinity stop with set screws (doubles as close focus stop)
  • Eyepiece locking collar
  • Lenses (optional)

Assembly tools, lenses and other components available, Click Here

US Milspec Standard

  • US Milspec standard lens
  • Good balance of resolution, transmission, and flare suppression
  • Low edge distortion

    RPO 3.0 Milspec+

    • Lighest weight lens assembly, includes lightweight diopter assembly
    • Low Profile
    • Excellent light transmission
    • Good dynamic light performance and flare suppression
    • Best center resolution and clarity

    US Milspec vs RPO 3.0 Comparison Available HERE

      Key Features:

      • Powered by single CR123, with LEMO port
      • Durable, fixed bridge binocular system
      • Built in IR Illuminator
      • Worm Drive Interpupillary Adjustment
      • CNC Machined From 7075 Billet Aluminum
      • Waterproof to 66 feet