Force on Force Shield for PAS-29A COTI

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Lens protection solutions for thermals are difficult, as most standard solutions such as polycarbonate appear as opaque to thermal, and mesh/honeycomb will cause image distortion. 

Germanium is the material most thermal lenses are made of, and is transparent to thermal wavelengths. This sacrificial lens uses a custom cut Germanium window with specialized AR coatings to boost transmission for no noticeable loss in image quality. It includes the window itself, an O-ring cushion, and a housing assembly manufactured using Multi Jet Fusion printing technology. This is the clearest lens protection solution on the market.

Please note that Germanium is brittle, and may not stand up to multiple hits. This is a sacrificial lens only, however it has been impact tested.

Our eCOTI protector shot with Speer Force on Force 5.56 ammunition from a 10.4" HK416 at point blank:

 With the marking material cleaned off, the Germanium disc is mostly intact but with a chip in the top corner.

Designed in USA and Canada
Germanium Window Manufactured in China
Cover Assembly Manufactured in USA