Force on Force Shield - Advanced Low Signature NVG

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Screw in FoF shield for devices using standard PVS-14 threaded lens systems.

  • Anodized aluminum housing
  • Unmarked, all black low signature (no white logos or lettering)
  • CNC cut proprietary optical urethane blend for the best optical performance
  • Able to withstand 5.56 UTM and Simunition training munitions
  • Made in Canada by Opfor Night Solutions Corp

Improvements over standard polycarbonate or acrylic lens protectors:

  • Domed window for improved ballistic impact resistance
  • Domed window also prevents direct lens reflections giving away a user's position
  • Improved light transmission
  • Improved scratch resistance
  • Reduced artifacts from lens flare and refraction for improved dynamic light performance
  • No perceived resolution loss
  • No eye discomfort on eyepiece side
  • CNC cut

Optical Material Manufactured in China
CNC Cut in Canada
Made in Canada