IRay/Infiray Jerry YM 640x512 Thermal Monocular and Weapon Sight

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The Iray/Infiray Jerry YM is a lightweight 640x512 thermal imaging monocular that we have adapted for use as a standalone CQB thermal weapon sight. Originally it was intended as either a handheld or helmet mounted thermal imaging monocular, however it is rated for 500G of momentary force and features an adjustable reticle with various colour options which make it an excellent CQB thermal sight only by using our exclusively designed Aimpoint Footprint Adapter.

Our adapter is made in Canada and allows the Jerry YM to be mounted to most Aimpoint Micro mounts (we have only tested on Unity Micro mounts). The Jerry YM eyepiece is also capable of being used as a direct view optic under nightvision, so the user does not need to flip nightvision out of the way like on most other thermal weapon sights. Only recommended for use up to 5.56 semi auto, not recommended for larger calibres or bolt action.


Included accessories

  • Soft carry-on bag
  • Eye-cup
  • Dovetail Helmet Mount
  • Dovetail Adapter
  • Charging and data transfer cables
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Opfor Night Solutions Aimpoint Footprint Adapter for Jerry YM (currently in production, will ship September 2023, prototype pictured, production model will be cerakoted black)
  • *Mount and QD Lever must be purchased separately*

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Manual Available HERE

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