Norotos INVG Hyper Nightvision Mount

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The Norotos INVG Hyper is one of the most unique and sought after concepts for night vision monocular use. While articulation has become a recent trend, the Norotos INVG was the original system that allowed for low profile stowage and quick flip-to-side with a monocular. Instead of using a push button like most other mounts, Norotos Hyper mounts use a FTO (Force-to-Overcome) detent which are much easier to use and reduce long term wobble. Norotos has been making military night vision hardware for decades.


  • Most versatile mount for night vision monocular use
  • Dovetail shoe interface securely locks NVG’s into place
  • Dovetail arm rotates a full 360 degrees and locks securely
  • Breakaway feature reduces the risk of neck injury
  • Force-to-Overcome mechanism for ease of use
  • Recommended for use with bungees, as bungees can interfere with push button mechanisms
  • Maintains the lowest profile on the helmet
  • Developed & battle proven by U.S. & NATO SOF
  • Recommended to be used with the Norotos Dual Dovetail Adapter

Manufactured in USA