NUTSOF Pack/Ruck Scrim (Northerner/Southerner)

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Building upon our renowned signature leaf patterns, this scrim will ensure optimal concealment in many different ways. This scrim incorporates a 4-way stretch cut, which not only allows it to effortlessly adapt to the contours of any backpack available on the market, but the scrim can also be added to your temporary shelter or even be used as a sniper veil.

This version is made to imitate vegetation consisting of mostly compound leaves (pinnate, trifoliolate, palmate). Since camouflage is based on the principle of mimicry, we recommend that you choose the foliage according to your local vegetation.


Northerner features straight lines and jagged edged cuts in a maple leaf shape

Southerner features rounded shapes

Features :

  • Complex cut pattern to provide more depth and texture for a higher camouflage effectiveness

  • Easy to install and remove on the go

  • 4-Way Strech

  • Fits 30-75L packs


  • Made of lightweight laser-cut Cordura 500D


  • NIR compliant


Material Manufactured in USA
Laser Cut in Canada