NUTSOF Samara Hook and Loop NVG Lanyard

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The NUTSOF Samara Hook and Loop NVG Lanyard is a simple device protection solution designed and produced in Montreal, Canada. Hook and loop based helmet retention systems for nightvision devices have become very popular due to their simplicity and ease of use.

Key Features:

  • Made in Canada
  • Adds tension to reduce mount and arm wobble in NVGs
  • Securely retains night vision devices in case of accidental release or mount failure
  • Slim and low profile: 2.5" length by 1" width
  • Milspec hook and loop
  • Milliken Tegris® Thermoplastic backer for rigidity
  • Adjustable 16" bungee cord with cord lock
  • Bungee is easily reconfigured for user preference

The NUTSOF lanyard is different from others on the market, as they use a thermoplastic backer for rigidity. This added rigidity is what allows this lanyard to be smaller, and lower profile than others on the market, however it is still recommended for the lanyard to be used underneath a patch or counterweight for added retention security.


Please note that while hook and loop retention is secure enough for most situations, they are not as secure as bolt on setups. It is recommended to test your setup prior to use.