PVS-14 MNVD - Extended Eye Box

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The PVS-14 is the most commonly used modern night vision device by Western militaries around the world. It is considered the gold standard of monocular night vision devices. This is a full U.S. Milspec PVS-14 kit, not an Israeli or European housing clone.

Our Extended Eye Box PVS-14s make use of Photonis ECHO14 and ECHO14+ image intensifiers with Milspec+ Rochester Precision Optics 3.0 lenses. Rochester Precision Optics 3.0 lens systems offer significant weight savings, improved light transmission, and higher center resolution over standard Milspec offerings.

    Our nightvision devices are custom built to your specifications. We build our devices inside our positive pressure clean room fitted with dual filtration blowers that meet ISO5 clean room specifications. Our devices are calibrated and tested using our Hoffman ANV-126A and HVS-126 Digital Night Vision Test Equipment, and vacuum tested and nitrogen purged using our digital purge machine. Please allow up to one week for assembly, calibration, and testing prior to shipment.

    Benefits over Traditional PVS-14:

    • Extended eye relief - good for gas mask/CBRN PPE, handheld viewing, or weapon mounted use
    • Very low image distortion
    • Lightweight at ~254 grams
    • Higher FoM for cost

    Tradeoffs over Traditional PVS-14:

    • ~34° Field of View instead of ~40°

    Key Features:

    • Milspec PVS-14 Kit with Ultralight Milspec+ Lenses
    • Variable Gain Control
    • Powered by single AA Battery

    Full Kit Includes:

    • Soft Carry Pouch
    • Skullcrusher with Mount
    • Bayonet J-Arm
    • Rubber Eyecup and Retainer
    • Sacrificial Lens (not ballistic rated)
    • Demist Shield

    Housing From USA
    Lenses Manufactured in USA
    Photonis Tubes Manufactured in France