TNVC Artemis BNVG-M Build Kit

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We are proud to work in partnership with TNVC to be the only authorized international distributor of the TNVC Artemis BNVG-M (Binocular Night Vision Goggle - Modular) system. The Artemis BNVG-M is a fixed bridge binocular system with the unique ability to swap between standard dovetail mounting interfaces, and ball detent aviation style mounting interfaces.

With the Modular Power Supply - Dovetail installed, the Artemis is powered either by a single CR123A or an external Fisher power source.

With the Modular Power Supply - Ball Detent installed, the Artemis is able to use standard ball detent mounted power supplies such as the Wilcox GSGM/DPAM, and the AB Nightvision STORM.

In order to balance weight with durability, the bridge and mounting interfaces are constructed out of aluminum, while low stress components such as the optical pods are machined from high strength polymer.

Kit Includes:

  • TNVC Artemis BNVG-M chassis
  • Your choice of Modular Power Supply
  • Your choice of lenses
  • Infinity stop rings with set screws
  • Eyepiece locking rings
  • Light pipes
  • Tube retaining rings

Manufactured in USA