US Milspec PVS-14 MNVD Complete Build Kit

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The PVS-14 is the most commonly used modern night vision device by Western militaries around the world. It is considered the gold standard of monocular night vision devices. This is a full U.S. Milspec PVS-14 kit, not an Israeli or European housing clone. Lenses are very important when it comes to image quality, and while lower quality lenses are still useable, lower quality lenses will result in lower perceived resolution, and higher perceived image distortion. Noctis Tech is the industry standard.

Full Kit Includes:

  • Noctis Tech PVS-14 (No Tube)
  • Noctis Tech Objective and Eyepiece Lens Assemblies
  • Soft Carry Pouch
  • Skullcrusher with Mount
  • Bayonet J-Arm
  • Rubber Eyecup and Retainer
  • Sacrificial Lens (not ballistic rated)
  • Demist Shield

Housing From USA
Lenses Manufactured in TAA Compliant Countries