Gen 2 Maintenance Tool Set for PVS-14, BNVD-1431, Katana, DTNVG/DTNVS, RNVG

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The Opfor Night Solutions Maintenance Tool Set is recommended for all builders and hobbyists to own. Whether its cleaning your device, performing basic maintenance, or building a device from the ground up, this tool set has you covered.

Our second generation set adds an infinity stop spanner wrench. While it is not necessary for most devices, it can be helpful for specific devices where the infinity stop is overly tight from the factory such as on Noctis Tech PVS-14s and Hyper-14s. 

Included are the four tools necessary to disassemble any standard night vision device:

  • Tube Retaining Ring Tool
  • Objective Retainer/Close Focus Stop Tool
  • Eyepiece Spanner Wrench
  • Infiniity Stop Spanner Wrench (also available by itself)

Key Features:

  • Proudly made in Canada
  • Machined from aluminum
  • Anodized for corrosion resistance
  • Steel pin insert in Eyepiece and Infinity Spanner Wrenches for durability

Purge Valve Fittings available here

Designed and Manufactured in Canada