Quick Disconnect Flexible Purge Valve Fitting

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Having a hard time finding a purge valve fitting? Find one and ended up with compatibility issues? So did we, so we decided to make our own. Standard PVS-14 purge kits have compatibility issues with many aftermarket housings due to it being too short and wide. Our design is both extended and flexible for enhanced compatibility.

Our first generation of purge valves was simply an extended valve to clear tight areas that a normal valve could not clear, such as on a RNVG, Mod3, Vyper-14, etc. The problem with extended valves was the extra length made it more likely for the user to accidentally bend the valve extension sideways during use, breaking the valve. These gen 2 valves are roughly the same length, but feature a flexible but rigid tube for the middle joint, along with aluminum pressure sleeves to ensure a good seal. The flexible middle joint allows the user to apply torque only on the fitting base while the tube transfers an appropriate level of torque to the threaded end. This ensures that there is enough torque to seal the valve, but also prevents breakage and O-ring damage from a user overtorquing the seal.

  • Zinc plated brass fitting base
  • CNC machined aluminum valve extension
  • Flexible middle extension with sealing sleeves
  • Uses 6mm hose (not included)
  • 6-32 (Standard) compatible with:
    • PVS-14
    • Vyper/Hyper-14
    • BNVD-1431
    • RNVG and RPNVG
    • Mod3
    • Sentinel
    • BNVD-1431 Mk.II (Serials 0200 and higher)
  • M2.5 (ACT) compatible with:
    • DTNVG
    • DTNVS
  • Made in Canada

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Manufactured in Canada