TNVC Mohawk Mk.1 Gen 2 NVG Counterweight System

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The TNVC Mohawk counterweight systems are industry standard helmet counterweight systems due to their improved form and function over standard counterweight systems. The extended top flap allows the system to attach more firmly to the helmet, whereas older hook and loop systems tend to loosen over time and fall off. Being a fully hook and look attachment system allows it to maintain mission flexibility by being easily removed, not requiring it to be hardware attached to the helmet system.

The Mohawk Mk1 System features four malleable lead counterweights that can conform to the helmet contour. These weights are removeable to adjust the mass needed for the specific helmet setup. It also features an internal CR123 scabbard that can be accessed from either side, as well as an adjustable bungee on the top flap to help retain other commonly lost helmet accessories such as IR strobes and markers. The bottom and sides feature loops to assist in wire management, whether it be for hearing protection, battery packs, or recorders.

Lastly, the TNVC Mohawk systems are all made in the USA by Tactical Tailor.

Key Features:

  • Extended top end for enhanced retention to helmet
  • Internal CR123 scabbard
  • Four removeable weights to adjust counterweight mass
  • Side loops for wire management
  • Designed by TNVC
  • Produced in the USA by Tactical Tailor