Introducing: Photonis 4G+ High Gain

Introducing: Photonis 4G+ High Gain

As the holiday season signals the close of 2023, the night vision community has been gifted with a new premium offering from Photonis: the new 4G+ High Gain image intensifiers that we are now integrating into our night vision systems.

4G+ Left Tube - 4G+ High Gain Right Tube

Image intensifier gain can be translated as tube brightness compared to light input, or how good a tube is at amplifying an image. This is critical in resolving objects and identifying targets in low light situations. This is why many NATO militaries around the world put in the request for higher gain systems, which resulted in the 4G+ High Gain tubes.

Image Intensifier 4G+ 4G+ High Gain
Min Gain at 20 μlx 8000 cd/m2/lx 24000 cd/m2/lx
Max Gain at 20 μlx 14000 cd/m2/lx 28000 cd/m2/lx
Min Gain at 2x10^(-6) fc 25120 fL/fc 75400 fL/fc
Max Gain at 2x10^(-6) fc 43960 fL/fc 87950 fL/fc
Signal To Noise Ratio 30 30
Center Resolution 70 70
Figure of Merit (FoM) 2200 2200


The 4G+ High Gain systems have double the gain output over traditional 4G+ systems. The maximum tube brightness is the same, meaning that in high light situations the brightness will not change to cause excessive eye strain, and the doubled light output comes into effect once ambient light levels decrease.

We are proud to be offering these in our lineup immediately. Stay tuned as we look to put these through their paces and write a more detailed comparison in the future.