ACTinBlack DTNVS Build Kit

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The DTNVS binocular has a full feature set that includes both individual sideways ON/OFF for each eyepiece and Flip-Up ON/OFF capabilities when folded up preventing backsplash on the helmet. To enhance the DTNVS features it incorporates built-in IR LED for close quarter operations with separate IR-ON indicators and low battery indicators in the field of view.

Kit will include all of the parts required to build

  • DTNVS Housing
  • Tube Retaining Rings
  • Light Pipes
  • Infinity stop
  • Lenses (optional)

Assembly tools, lenses and other components available, Click Here

Carson Industries:

  • US Milspec standard lens
  • Good balance of resolution, transmission, and flare suppression
  • Low edge distortion

RPO 2.0:

  • Lightweight lens assembly, includes lightweight diopter assembly
  • Low profile
  • Best light transmission
  • Excellent resolution and clarity
  • Low edge distortion

RPO 3.0:

  • Lighest weight lens assembly, includes lightweight diopter assembly
  • Low Profile
  • Excellent light transmission
  • Good dynamic light performance and flare suppression
  • Best center resolution and clarity

Key Features:

  • Auto ON/OFF on individual pods when articulated up
  • Powered by single CR123
  • Built in IR Illuminator
  • Waterproof to 66 feet