ACTinBlack DTNVS Build Kit (Clearance)

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The DTNVS binocular has a full feature set that includes both individual sideways ON/OFF for each eyepiece and Flip-Up ON/OFF capabilities when folded up preventing backsplash on the helmet. To enhance the DTNVS features it incorporates built-in IR LED for close quarter operations with separate IR-ON indicators and low battery indicators in the field of view.

Kit will include all of the parts required to build

  • DTNVS Housing
  • Tube Retaining Rings
  • Light Pipes
  • Infinity stop
  • Lenses (optional)

Assembly tools, lenses and other components available, Click Here

We offer premium quality lenses with our systems from US Milspec vendors. Lenses are very important when it comes to image quality, and while lower quality lenses are still useable, lower quality lenses will result in lower perceived resolution, and higher perceived image distortion.

US Milspec Standard

  • US Milspec standard lens
  • Good balance of resolution, transmission, and flare suppression
  • Low edge distortion

    RPO 3.0 Milspec+

    • Lighest weight lens assembly, includes lightweight diopter assembly
    • Low Profile
    • Excellent light transmission
    • Good dynamic light performance and flare suppression
    • Best center resolution and clarity

    US Milspec vs RPO 3.0 Comparison Available HERE

      Key Features:

      • Auto ON/OFF on individual pods when articulated up
      • Powered by single CR123
      • Built in IR Illuminator
      • Waterproof to 66 feet

      Assembled in Europe